Faculty & Staff

A Note From the Management:

Our dedicated teachers have been working towards empowering each child and enabling them to experience success. Teachers use a variety of strategies to make all students feel welcome at school and meet a wide range of needs in their class rooms.

This year, Bharath Teachers, have invested time on developing the curriculum and creating learning experiences for children that is planned and guided by our standards and bench marks. At the beginning of the year, teachers specified in advance what they were seeking to achieve and how they are going to go about it. Students have been encouraged to think critically and engage in rich, authentic learning experiences. You can see the success of these programs in many facts of our school. Effective planning is an ongoing part of teaching. Our teachers are committed to planning because it allows them to develop the most meaningful learning activities, processes and outcomes for their students.

Wish Each & Every Faculty Member A Very Good Luck!

A Word of Thanks From The Members of Faculty. . .

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire".

Thank you to the wonderful Management of Bharath, whose lasting relationships will ever be a boosting morale in our Teaching Profession.

Thank you to the incredible students who make the school shine everyday. It's wonderful to work with enthusiastic, talented learners that are so incredibly capable.

Thank you to the parents for your unwavering support. Together, we are an amazing team. Our children have helped to create a true community.

Thank you to the Non-Teaching staff for your exceptional technical support to ensure great programmes in Bharath. Let's embrace and hope to maintain many of the fantastic programmes that are in place and that may need more focus.

Happy Teaching!

We Teach To Learn & Learn To Teach

Correspondent : Mr.A.Mohanakrishnan

Senior Principal : Mrs. M. Kanthimathi

Principal : Mrs. Usha Ramesh


Ms.R.Justiba Jasmine & Mr. Bala sundar


Mrs.P. Elsy Gonsalvez


Ms. G.Jayalakshmi & Ms. M. Arul Kanimozhi


Mr.K. Selvalingam & Mr.S.Sivakumar


Mrs. M. MARIA HEMA LATHA & Ms. Selvarani


Ms.M.Anisha & Ms. A. Jeyasudha

S.No. Members
1. Mr.Sivakumar.S
2. Mr.Elankannan.S
3. Mr.Devarajan.T
4. Mrs.Subbulakshmi.S
5. Mrs.Maria Hema Latha.M
6. Mrs.Rebeekha.L
7. Mrs.Subbulakshmy.R
8. Mrs.Elsy Gonsalvez.P
9. Mrs.Ramalakshmi.P
10. Mrs.Raihana.E.A.S
11. Ms.Justibha Jasmine.R
12. Mrs.Samruth Banu.P.M
13. Ms.Karpagam.S
14. Mr.Jayaharan.G
15. Mrs.Uma.R
16. Mrs.Reena Jose.D
17. Ms. Bhavani.S
18. Mrs.Mary Prabha.M
19. Ms.Anisha.M
20. Ms.Uma .M
21. Mrs.Amutha.R.G
22. Mr.Saint Joseph Francis.D
23. Mr.Lingam.C
24. Mr.Gopal.O
25. Ms.Gayathri.S
26. Mrs.Rajeswari.D
27. Mr.Selvalingam.K
28. Mr.Jesu Paul Raj.A
29. Ms.Geetha.L
30. Mr.Palani murugan.V
31. Ms.Sahaya sharmili.K
32. Ms.Radha Krishna Veni.M
33. Ms.Manju.S
34. Ms.Jenifer.C
35. Mrs.Vel Vijeyeswari.A
36. Ms.Jeya Sudha.A
37. Mrs.Vasanthi
38. Mr.Narayanan.S
39. Ms.Sahaya Rutha.A
40. Mr.Sebastin.A
41. Ms.Amutha.K
42. Ms.Deepa.s
43. Ms.Abisha.K
44. Ms.Gayathri.E
45. Ms.Arul kani mozhi.M
46. Ms.Vanisree.M
47. Mrs. A. Rani
48. Ms. Selva Rani
49. Ms. Jeyalakshmi G
50. Ms. Prijiya Stubert S
S.No. Members
51. Ms. Arul Kumari S
52. Mr. Bala Sundar.A
53. Ms. Padma
54. Ms.Sreeja.G
55. Ms.Meena.V.M
56. Ms.Tintu Mol.Y
57. Ms.Amaravathi
58. Ms.Thadeus Pramila.T
59. Ms.Anandhi Prince.M
60. Mrs.Kalai Selvi.I
61. Mr.Pal Pandi.T
62. Mr.Pradeep.G
63. Mrs.Thilaga Valli.K
64. Mrs.Freeda Prin Rose Esther.V
65. Ms.Aiswarya.V
66. Mrs.Valli Mayil.K
67. Ms.Lakshmi.S
68. Mrs.Heno Seetha.R
69. Mr.Arun.K
70. Mrs.Jeya Lakshmi.A
71. Ms.Jerina Rajam
72. Ms.Aruna.S
73. Mrs. Chithambaram
74. Mr. Syed Masood
75. Mrs. Kaja Lakshmi.R
76. Ms. Prabin Lali
77. Mrs.Vathsala Devi